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            • Shenzhen Chun Yuan:(0755)84292189 Turn 338
            • Shanghai Huateng:(021)59161089
            • Qingdao Chun Yuan:(0532)86990599

            Brief introduction

            Steel Industry Co., Ltd. in Taiwan in the year 1965 was established, starting from the plate cutting process in the early days, the Chunyuan iron and steel in the Taiwan company's steel plates arranged, direct marketing, silicon steel, special steel, special steel belt, automatic storage, construction of seven division and multi turn investment company, main business and service from cold rolled steel, steel surface plating, electromagnetic steel plate and special steel products, aluminum, stainless steel, copper and other...Click Details
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            • Shenzhen Chun Yuan 20th anniversary
            • Precision three coordinate measuring instrument input service
            • Shenzhen Chun Yuan 2013 Cup race Chronicle
            • 1998 year

              Shenzhen Chunyuan achieved ISO 9002:1994 certification

            • 2001 year

              Shenzhen Chunyuan achieved ISO 9002:2000 certification Shenzhen chronicle...

            • 2002 year